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PFC Consulting undertakes policy work in developing countries, and advises and trains governments, development agencies, civil society organisations and companies.  It provides practical, innovative solutions based on realistic assessments of the challenges and opportunities facing developing countries.  Its multi-disciplinary approach uses political economy perspectives to understand the processes of socio-economic change and their effect on the implementation of development programmes. Further, PFC Consulting has extensive experience in all elements of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), bringing together both quantitative and qualitative methods, looking at innovative approaches of improving participation in M&E systems and providing rigorous and independent evaluations.  



PFC Consulting is comprised of Peter Frøslev Christensen. You can download his CV here.


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PFC Consulting
Klosterstraede 23, 1st, DK 1157 Copenhagen, Denmark
Ph: +45 6167 3323, e-mail: Peter@pfcc.dk, skype: peter_fc